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2019 Champion!

The 2019 championships were held on 20th July 2019 and this year's winner was a snail called Sammy owned by Maria Welby from Grantham, Lincolnshire. Sammy covered the 13 inch course in 2 mins 38 secs. Maria said "I am ecstatic. I went out this morning, an ordinary woman and now I'm the owner of a world champion." Snail trainer Neil Riseborough said "We've had a fantastic day. Racing was amazing, the best for a decade. I felt so excited all the time." Two hundred and fifteen snails battled it out this year and there were 13 snails in the final.

2019 Snail Racing Champion

Maria Welby with her winning snail Sammy. Photo: 2019 Mark Scase. All Rights Reserved.

Video courtesy of Dave Painter, HUTC

Maria and Sammy receiving the world championship trophy from snail master Neil Riseborough. Photo: 2019 Mark Scase. All Rights Reserved.

The start of the 2019 race attracted crowds and intense excitement. Photos: 2019 Mark Scase. All Rights Reserved.

Snails competed over the 13 inch course and Sammy raced to the red tape finish. Photos: 2019 Mark Scase. All Rights Reserved.

The Championships have been held on the cricket field at Congham, Norfolk, UK (nearest postcode PE32 1AH).

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